04 July, 2017

Happy Independence Day!

That all men are created equal

with certain unalienable rights,

that among these are

Life, Liberty and the

pursuit of Happiness.

Enjoy the fireworks and the company.


16 June, 2017

Social Media Audience

Determining your audience is a key factor in running a successful social media campaign.
You may want to "eavesdrop" on what others are doing to study how they reach their target audience.  These articles will help you get you started on identifying your audience.

1) Where Is Your Audience?

2) How to Identify Your Target Market Using Social Media

3) Finding Your Social Media Target Audience

4) How to Research Your Target Audience Before Starting your #SMM Campaign

5) 8 Tips to Find Your Social Media Audience

6) 5 Simple Ways to Segment Your Social Media Audience

7) How to Find Your Target Audience on Social Media

14 June, 2017

Content Marketing: Tips and Hacks

One needs to constantly create content for marketing campaigns but there are times that one runs out of steam or ideas, or both! One strategy is to recycle the material that we have previously created. Create content from input from your users or target audience. Create more visuals to accompany posts on social media. Add video content. Another is to share other people's content. At different times one must give a try to the different strategies to find the one that best fits your objective.

These articles may help you get started:

1) Content Marketing Hacks That Social Media Marketers Should Use

2) 5 Crucial Content Creation Tactics You Might be Missing Out On

3) 5 Strategies for Creating Epic Content Marketing on a Tight Budget

4) Create Content Your Audience Will Love

5) How to Make Your Content Marketing Deliver ROI

And I leave you with this graphic of  the many hats a marketer wears.


07 June, 2017

Traditional Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Marketing and promoting services have changed a lot in the last twenty five years with the easier access to the internet and its popularity. Even the the past 10 years how a company promotes its goods and services have been tremendously transformed with the widespread of the social networks, so much that there is a sub-field of marketing devoted just to social media marketing.

Here are a few articles that will help you learn about the differences.

1) 5 Key reasons why social media strategies are different than traditional marketing strategies

2) 16 Differences between traditional media and social networking

3) Social Media vs. Traditional Media – Make the Transition to Digital Marketing

4) Traditional vs. Online Marketing: The Real Value of Your Online Marketing Efforts

04 June, 2017

Keeping your Focus & Motivation

Some times is good to step back and take a moment to breathe.  This will help you to evaluate what the work you are doing and also to keep you focus. While you work towards your goal, you may need to do course corrections in order to get there.

I recommend you watch this 34 minute video. The hosts discussed how they stepped back and looked at what they were doing; they share what they've learned about evolving, changing and adapting to new situations and environments as part of growing and evolving both themselves and their business.

Here are couple of articles that I've come across that have help me to stay on course.

1) Learn how to manage your time

2) Five Benefits You Will Experience Once You Become Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable http://bit.ly/2lZl23S

17 April, 2017

Stock photography

Here are some articles that will help you get stock photos you can use on for your marketing ancillaries and literature and your social media posts.  Not all websites are the same, read the fine print before using the photographs.  

As you probably already noticed images and/or photos in your Tweets or Facebook posts generate more engagement than posts without. Also keep in mind that adding text on a image or photo will help you increase the 140 character limit on Tweeter. One can post up to four photos on a single Tweet.

1.  DIY: Tips For Taking Your Own Great Stock Photos

2.  Best Stock Photography Sites on the Internet. 

3.  The 9 Best Sites for Free Stock Photography

4.  Where to get Free Stock Photographs for your Blog and Social Media

5.  20 of the latest websites for free, non-cheesy stock photography in 2017 

6.  9 Resources to Find High-Quality Free Stock Photography to Use On Your Blog

10 April, 2017


Besides posting on social media, a small business also needs printed promotional material. Even a subtle variations on the typography can change your audience's perception These articles will help you along on with the designing of your logo, business cards, brochures, postcards, coupons and any other marketing pieces.

1. The 8 biggest typography mistakes designers make

2.  Consider your typography & style when creating marketing collateral: http://ow.ly/8iOc309hHFs

3.  Can a Font Make Us Believe Something is True?

4.  The Do's and Don'ts of Infographic Typography

5.  The Do's and Don'ts of Infographic Typography

6.  10 typography tricks every designer should know

7.  Use This ‘Flawless Typography Checklist’ To Ensure Your Font Makes Sense

8. Typography Guidelines And References

03 April, 2017

Posting Times on Social Media

One should not be glued to the computer 24/7 to post on the different social media platforms. The articles below show you different formulas and methods to decide when is the best time to post for your business. Try the different suggestions to boil down when is best for your business and the audience you are trying to reach.

1) Use your own data to figure out the bsest time to post on Twitter

2) What's the best day & time to post content on Social  Media?

3) The best times to post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

4) When is the BEST time to post on Facebook?

5) When Is The Definitive Best Time To Post On Twitter?

Happy timely posting!

27 March, 2017

Writing Copy and Writing Content

Writing has a purpose. In the field of marketing, writing is focused on enhancing the qualities of the product or service that is being promoted. As a small business entrepreneur with limited budget (or in some cases no budget), one falls into the role of being the manager, promoter, social media marketer, accountant, in order words, one wears many hats. It is important to understand the differences between content writing and copy writing. 

Here is a small compilation of articles that will help you understand the differences and help you improve your writing. 

1)  The Art of Copywriting 

2)  What is copywriting? 

3)  Content Writing vs Copywriting 

4)  Why Professional Copywriting Services are Crucial for your Business

5)  16 Helpful Copywriting Articles To Launch You Into Web Writing Greatness 

6)  5 Subtle Yet Super Powerful Copywriting Tips 

My two cents in regards to writing: 
As having someone else read the piece you wrote is not always possible, I recommend to write your copy and set it aside for a day.  Then read it again, proofread it and then publish.  This will help you catch inconsistencies, typos, and to make sure you are conveying the message you intend.  It's your quality control. 

19 March, 2017

What are Twitter lists?

Twitter defines a list as "a curated group of Twitter accounts." You could say it is a list you create of Twitter users that have similar hobbies, or who post about a particular topic that interest you, or are your college buddies. The possibilities are limitless.

Lists can be public or private; one may subscribe to other's lists, and you may even share the link to a particular list. For the basics on creating a list, consult the Twitter Lists page here:

If you are new to social media marketing, my recommendation is to start by creating a list of other social media marketers.  You can learn so much from other experts in the field as they can give you ideas, keep you updated on the SMM trends, and you can even interact with them by beginning a conversation when you reply to their tweets. 

Below is a small collection of articles on the topic of lists to get you started:

8 Twitter Lists You Should Be Using

Today’s Smartest Baby Boomers Use Twitter Lists

The Best Ways to Organize People You’re Following Into Twitter Lists

Why you definitely should be using Twitter Lists

I have a couple of Social Media Marketers lists in Twitter and I invite you to peruse them. 

13 March, 2017

Importance of using video in your social media marketing

Video marketing ideas and stats to help you to understand how vital video marketing can be.

"Video is the next best thing to being there." 
@Nish_iSood, Night and Day Productions

1. 6 Reasons Your Site Needs Video.

3  37 Video marketing statistics you need to know for 2017

4. The future of video marketing

SMM SmallBusiness Tips

12 March, 2017

Social Media Marketing

Here are some articles  on how to become a well rounded social marketer. 

1. 5 Tips to help you land a role in social media marketing


2. 9 Tips to save time in social media marketing


3. A simplified guide to social media marketing platforms


4.  The top 8 hottest social media marketing trends in 2017


5.  37 Free marketing and social media classes to elevate your skills today


And if you speak Spanish here is a bonus article for you:

5 Conceptos imprescindibles  para comunicacion de marca en medios digitales propios

SMM  SmallBusiness  Tips