27 March, 2017

Writing Copy and Writing Content

Writing has a purpose. In the field of marketing, writing is focused on enhancing the qualities of the product or service that is being promoted. As a small business entrepreneur with limited budget (or in some cases no budget), one falls into the role of being the manager, promoter, social media marketer, accountant, in order words, one wears many hats. It is important to understand the differences between content writing and copy writing. 

Here is a small compilation of articles that will help you understand the differences and help you improve your writing. 

1)  The Art of Copywriting 

2)  What is copywriting? 

3)  Content Writing vs Copywriting 

4)  Why Professional Copywriting Services are Crucial for your Business

5)  16 Helpful Copywriting Articles To Launch You Into Web Writing Greatness 

6)  5 Subtle Yet Super Powerful Copywriting Tips 

My two cents in regards to writing: 
As having someone else read the piece you wrote is not always possible, I recommend to write your copy and set it aside for a day.  Then read it again, proofread it and then publish.  This will help you catch inconsistencies, typos, and to make sure you are conveying the message you intend.  It's your quality control. 

19 March, 2017

What are Twitter lists?

Twitter defines a list as "a curated group of Twitter accounts." You could say it is a list you create of Twitter users that have similar hobbies, or who post about a particular topic that interest you, or are your college buddies. The possibilities are limitless.

Lists can be public or private; one may subscribe to other's lists, and you may even share the link to a particular list. For the basics on creating a list, consult the Twitter Lists page here:

If you are new to social media marketing, my recommendation is to start by creating a list of other social media marketers.  You can learn so much from other experts in the field as they can give you ideas, keep you updated on the SMM trends, and you can even interact with them by beginning a conversation when you reply to their tweets. 

Below is a small collection of articles on the topic of lists to get you started:

8 Twitter Lists You Should Be Using

Today’s Smartest Baby Boomers Use Twitter Lists

The Best Ways to Organize People You’re Following Into Twitter Lists

Why you definitely should be using Twitter Lists

I have a couple of Social Media Marketers lists in Twitter and I invite you to peruse them. 

13 March, 2017

Importance of using video in your social media marketing

Video marketing ideas and stats to help you to understand how vital video marketing can be.

"Video is the next best thing to being there." 
@Nish_iSood, Night and Day Productions

1. 6 Reasons Your Site Needs Video.

3  37 Video marketing statistics you need to know for 2017

4. The future of video marketing

SMM SmallBusiness Tips

12 March, 2017

Social Media Marketing

Here are some articles  on how to become a well rounded social marketer. 

1. 5 Tips to help you land a role in social media marketing


2. 9 Tips to save time in social media marketing


3. A simplified guide to social media marketing platforms


4.  The top 8 hottest social media marketing trends in 2017


5.  37 Free marketing and social media classes to elevate your skills today


And if you speak Spanish here is a bonus article for you:

5 Conceptos imprescindibles  para comunicacion de marca en medios digitales propios

SMM  SmallBusiness  Tips