27 March, 2017

Writing Copy and Writing Content

Writing has a purpose. In the field of marketing, writing is focused on enhancing the qualities of the product or service that is being promoted. As a small business entrepreneur with limited budget (or in some cases no budget), one falls into the role of being the manager, promoter, social media marketer, accountant, in order words, one wears many hats. It is important to understand the differences between content writing and copy writing. 

Here is a small compilation of articles that will help you understand the differences and help you improve your writing. 

1)  The Art of Copywriting 

2)  What is copywriting? 

3)  Content Writing vs Copywriting 

4)  Why Professional Copywriting Services are Crucial for your Business

5)  16 Helpful Copywriting Articles To Launch You Into Web Writing Greatness 

6)  5 Subtle Yet Super Powerful Copywriting Tips 

My two cents in regards to writing: 
As having someone else read the piece you wrote is not always possible, I recommend to write your copy and set it aside for a day.  Then read it again, proofread it and then publish.  This will help you catch inconsistencies, typos, and to make sure you are conveying the message you intend.  It's your quality control. 

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