17 April, 2017

Stock photography

Here are some articles that will help you get stock photos you can use on for your marketing ancillaries and literature and your social media posts.  Not all websites are the same, read the fine print before using the photographs.  

As you probably already noticed images and/or photos in your Tweets or Facebook posts generate more engagement than posts without. Also keep in mind that adding text on a image or photo will help you increase the 140 character limit on Tweeter. One can post up to four photos on a single Tweet.

1.  DIY: Tips For Taking Your Own Great Stock Photos

2.  Best Stock Photography Sites on the Internet. 

3.  The 9 Best Sites for Free Stock Photography

4.  Where to get Free Stock Photographs for your Blog and Social Media

5.  20 of the latest websites for free, non-cheesy stock photography in 2017 

6.  9 Resources to Find High-Quality Free Stock Photography to Use On Your Blog

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