14 June, 2017

Content Marketing: Tips and Hacks

One needs to constantly create content for marketing campaigns but there are times that one runs out of steam or ideas, or both! One strategy is to recycle the material that we have previously created. Create content from input from your users or target audience. Create more visuals to accompany posts on social media. Add video content. Another is to share other people's content. At different times one must give a try to the different strategies to find the one that best fits your objective.

These articles may help you get started:

1) Content Marketing Hacks That Social Media Marketers Should Use

2) 5 Crucial Content Creation Tactics You Might be Missing Out On

3) 5 Strategies for Creating Epic Content Marketing on a Tight Budget

4) Create Content Your Audience Will Love

5) How to Make Your Content Marketing Deliver ROI

And I leave you with this graphic of  the many hats a marketer wears.


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