24 February, 2009

Carnival/Madri Gras/Fat Tuesday

The carnivals usually take place the weekend before Ash Wednesday. There are many cities that are famous for their carnivals: Veracruz (Mexico), Mazatlan (Mexico), Venice (Italy), Barranquilla (Colombia) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), to name a few. Each city has its own traditions and manifestations.

Brazilians spend months preparing and choreographing their dances as each group gets graded by judges during the parade at the sambódromo (samba stadium). The samba schools are graded on originality, their live music, floats, costumes and samba dancing.

Venice's carnival is known for the artistic masks. People gather at St. Mark's square to show off their masks.

The carnival in Veracruz begins with the burning down of the "Bad Humor" which is represented by a character or current event such as kidnapper, war, a former president, etc. The carnival queen and king are crowned. There are several parades in the days preceding the main carnival day.

In the United States, the carnival festivities are very common in the south-east states. The Mardi Gras festivities of Mobile, Alabama "the original Mardi Gras city", holds several balls as well as many parades. They are famous for throwing carnival beads, candy and Moon Pies during the parade.
However, New Orleans is the most popular and most famous of the Mardi Gras festivities in the U. S. The streets of the French Quarter become a big open air cantina, several parades go down Canal Street, the floats are decorated colorfully and famous celebrities usually head the parade.

This past weekend we went to Natchez, Mississippi and by chance we got to see the Mardi Gras parade. The theme was Black History. The parade was headed by the police cars, firetrucks, followed by bands from the local high schools, floats, and even people on horseback.

Happy Carnival
Mardi Gras
Fat Tuesday!!

08 February, 2009


As you might have noticed by the banner on the side of the blog, I became a Tupperware consultant. I started about a couple of months ago  and gave catalogs to many of my friends. But with the holidays it was not possible to hold a party. I had my first Tupperware party two weeks ago at a co-worker's home.  It went well and my friend told me her guests had lots of fun.  I was so nervous, but apparently they did not see it that way.  
We closed the party and the items arrived a couple of days ago.  I'll be delivering the orders on Monday.  
I went to one of the local Mexican stores yesterday and dropped off some sales flyers in Spanish. It occured to me to  ask the owner if it would be possible to come one day and set a table and talk to his customers.  "Oh, yes, no problem.  We get a lot of people on Sunday, so why don't you come tomorrow" he said.  So in a few seconds I had  scheduled a party.  I came home and looked for something so I could make a sign. I found some poster board and made a hand written sign.  I went back to the store to post it and found the co-owner, his sister, and she told me she was excited to see the products.  

Of course I am nervous and excited again!!  I'll have to come back and tell you how it went.  I'm off now to "La Veracruzana #2" for my first Tupperware Party in Spanish.  

Here is a little video on hosting a Tupperware party.   

01 February, 2009

Super Bowl

I was in favor of the Cardinals, as a while ago I lived in Arizona for two years. I did not watch the grame, just saw highlights on the internet. I do not have local channels and only NBC carried the game (I have Dish Network which more than makes up for the three times of the year that I miss out on a show aired on basic networks). I am sure that for the next few days everyone will be talking about the game, so I'll get all the insights just as if I had watched.

Cardinals => Cardenales / / Steelers => Acereros