17 January, 2014


Yesterday I drove to New Orleans to pick a friend up at the airport.  Since it was lunch time we went to a Central American restaurant and had some Salvadorean pupusas.  We hit the road back to Hattiesburg via I-10 and then took I-59 N.  We were deep in conversation when I noticed, as we crossed into Mississippi, that a couple had pulled over and stopped a the welcome sign.  

One person was taking the picture while the other person stood in front of the sign; his left arm stretched out  wearing his falconer's glove and a hawk perched on it.  It looked like the hawk was still hooded.

Some other day, I probably would not even have noticed, but it just so happened that I had been reading a book (which I have already finished reading by now) where the main character's hobby is falconry.  He owns a hawk named Armistead and through out the book the author describes some of the basics.  Of course all this is new vocabulary for me so I kept highlighting words and looking them up (have I mentioned that I love this feature of my e-reader? No? Well, I do.).  So on the back of my mind there is this new "world" that I've never come in contact with and suddenly, right there, just a few yards away from me, it comes to life. Full color.  

I know, I'm probably rambling, but I just thought it was such a coincidence. What are the odds?

P. S. The murder mystery that I was reading was A Witness Above by Andy Straka, good read, by the way. 

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