11 January, 2014

Second banana

So I like idiomatic expressions.  For a while one of my coworkers used to quiz me.  She had a idioms dictionary and would pick one at random to see if I knew it.

They sometimes jump at me when I'm reading. Many times I have heard them before and sometimes I have to look them up to see if they mean what I think they mean.  When I read  books in my e-reader most times I highlight them.  

 So I came across one yesterday that I don't think I had heard before: second banana
"The mayor cleared his throat and gave the chief a look: This wasn't a good cop, bad cop scene.  This was a star turn. Indignant second bananas were not required."   from: Nailed by Joseph Flynn Kindle Edition.  
Looked it up to double check the meaning as it sounded like another expression I've heard but needed to make sure. So I learned a new phrase. By coincidence, a few hours later, when I was watching TV they said the same expression!   Twice in one day!  
second banana n. Slang
1. One, such as an assistant or deputy, who is subordinate to another.
2. One who serves as the straight man opposite the leading comedian in a burlesque.
Now to really learn it, I need to find an occasion to use it and say it.  Most people would not even notice when I say it as it will fit the conversation, but I'll give myself a little pat on the back when I do use it.

'Till next one 

La Mexicana.

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