04 February, 2014

The Little Black Book

This is not what you think...  I have now a little note pad in my purse and when I get an idea for the blog I just write key words, a phrase or short sentence in order to look at later and write a post here in the blog.

There may be 5 or 6 ideas that I've jotted down in the past few days.  Sometimes the ideas come to me when I'm away from my computer, driving, crocheting or at work, this is a good way to remember the idea and also keep it in a safe place.  So instead consign  the post ideas to oblivion, I simply make a note.  Now I just need to come over here and actually write about it...  well it's not perfect but it helps for now.

Also when I see the note pad and glance at the key words, my brain begins "writing" the article.  Perhaps it will help me write a little better. I want to write at least twice a month.  If I do it more often, better. I know that if I set the bar too high I will feel overwhelmed and do nothing.  

Here is for more blogging!

Farewell for now.  

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