13 January, 2014


There are TV shows that my husband loves and watches every week.  There are shows that I like and watch.    Some shows he likes, I watch with him but they are not my favorites. Same with him. We watch them together and keep each other company.  But we do not always agree on what shows we both love.  One show we both enjoy is Castle.  Actually, he got me hooked on it.  He also got me one of the Castle books a couple of years ago.  Now Castle on Monday nights has become sort of our "date night".   

Even when I'm out of town, we each watch it and send each other text messages or Skype afterwards to  discuss the episode.  Another thing I do during the ads is Twitting about it and reading the reactions of other viewers. You could say that I'm a little hooked into the Caskett saga.  

My weeks begin better because Castle, LOL.  There are always twists and unexpected turns that keep us glued to the screen.  

It also helps that Castle is ruggedly handsome and easy on the eyes. 

So a big "thank you" to all the cast and writers of this show who make my Mondays better. 

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