25 September, 2014

Second Banana. Part two (excuse the pun)

A while back I learned of the expression "to be the second banana: (part one here)  .   
I'm here to report that I was able to use it tonight.  We were at supper club (it was Thai night, if you were wondering).  I was talking to some of my friends about our plans for next month's supper club meeting. As our theme next month is Spooky Food, tonight we decided to also have a costume contest for the kids.  
We were telling Tiffany, who was one table over, about the contest.  She commented that one of her girls insisted and had her heart set on dressing up as a banana. She added that her other girl was still undecided as to what costume she wanted. 
Oh, she could go as the second banana, I replied. 
Jill sitting next to me burst out laughing. 

Perfect conversation, perfect timing.  
So there, I've successfully used  my phrase.

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Jill said...

It was priceless! Very well timed and funny, Edith. I'm glad you got to use one of your funny expressions. :)