21 October, 2008

Funny Video

This video came as an e-mail attachment. It's about the recession.  Could not resist posting it...  


ira said...

excellent, EDITH
no time to chat, have to go send that video to friends (I wish my dad -- son of immigrant, labor economist -- had a computer, he'd enjoy it!)
originally, I came to find the address of jay michael's blog, but I'll have to do that another time
see ya, K.

ira said...

do you know which organization made the video ?

La Mexicana said...

No, I received it as an attachment. It is quite small but I guess one gets the idea. I'll try to find out who made it, or see if I can find one with a bigger image.
Thanks for visiting

ira said...

? what's up ? with the two H's lol
I finally memorized your first and last names -- taking care to spell it BURG -- and still, I couldn't get into your site
FINALLY, the genius that is I figured it out, It must be "H" for "H"oney Island. :-)