13 August, 2008

Got Spanish?

Are you interested in learning Spanish
but can't devote FOUR semesters to take a university course?

You work the graveyard shift and cannot
find a course offering that fits your schedule?

We have the solution for you!!
Take an online course.

When you need practical, straight-to-the-point language to better serve your Spanish-speaking clients, patients, or counterparts, Command Spanish Online programs are the solution.

These courses are designed to fit your busy schedule:

• You can start and stop any lesson at any time.
• The programs are non-teacher-led
• You can start the course on any day, at any hour.

• Get you speaking Spanish in no time.
• Focus on the language needed so you can perform your job in Spanish

• No Prior Knowledge of Spanish Required!

Command Spanish Online offers the following occupational Spanish courses:

• Spanish for Financial Institutions
• Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers
• Spanish for Construction Supervisors
• Spanish for the Community
• Spanish for Pharmacy Personnel
• Spanish for the Workplace
• Spanish for Hospital Nursing
• Spanish for Medical Office Nursing
• Spanish for Library Personnel

• Spanish for Physicians
• Spanish for Real Estate Sales

• Spanish for School Teachers

To view the content of these courses and/or enroll, click here.

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