23 December, 2013

Silent Night

We had our Christmas party with the family tonight. We had so much fun. We had dinner, my sister-in-law cooked for us. The meal was delicious.  The little ones opened presents and were running all around.  The grown-ups played Dirty Santa. Each one of us brought a gift and each one of us got a number.  The person with #1 opens one of the presents, then #2 may "steal" #1's present or open a new one,  and so on. The next person has the option of opening or stealing.  Once a gift has been "stolen" 3 times, it's out of rotation.   We had 12 people playing, so it was loads of  fun as some people got to open two or three presents as theirs would be stolen. 
We took lots of pictures --which I still need to extract from our camera.  We also had time to mingle.  The little ones found some toy microphones and one of them would sing Twinkle Twinkle, would go back to play with the cousins and come sing again.  

Give a hug to your family. Merry Christmas. 

And before I leave you today, listen to Silent Night  played by my husband on a Native American flute.  

Here is a little something from a few Christmas ago.

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