14 September, 2008


I have just learned how to use a video editing program, well, I am just learning how to use it.  As part of my lesson I used some of the pictures I took in Paris along with 4 little clips I took.  I tried using the music that came with the software but for some reason when I would burn the final copy the sound track would disappear. So I found La Vie en Rose with Edith Piaf and decided to use this classic song. Voilà!! This song did not disappear on the final cut.  C'est la vie!!!


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gianni said...

HI Edith,
Are you ready for your 2nd and 3rd jobs -- WI video maker + political reporter ?

I think the music + image of PARIS are synchronized pretty well. I don't know if it was intentional, but just as "the album page" dramatically turns (from sacre coeur to champ de mars)
PIAF heightens the melody, "C'est toi pour moi. Moi pour toi
Dans la vie,
Il me l'a dit, l'a jure pour la vie."

I love the grumbling elevator, he's like a beast threatening PIAF's idyllic vision

Do you have any specific ideas yet concerning a WI video?
My first thought was that we somehow fuse multi-language text and sound via quick, rhythmic editing, so the viewer feels like he/she is surfing the polyglot waves of the global Net.

Hey, maybe that's more J.C. than some of the other Irreverents
(who have calmer, more harmonious personalities)

Anyway, whatever we do will be fun, I just wanted to throw out some ideas to get the ball rolling.

It just hit me: PIAF is EDITH also !!!!