25 July, 2008

Mexican Standoff!!

Last night Michael was wondering where the phrase "Mexican Standoff" came from. Of course he was looking at me as I had an answer readily available. I did not.

Inquiring minds want to know....

I quickly googled it and, obviously, Wiki had the answer: 

"The phrase came into usage during the late 19th century. Originally a derogatory reference to perceived Mexican political indecision, it has come to refer to any impasse, regardless of the participants. The phrase is used to describe both armed and unarmed conflicts". 

Here is another definition:
a situation in which no one can emerge as a clear winner. Synonyms include: deadlock and impasse.

So this one of the most recent idiomatic expressions I've learned. The funny thing is that today I had a chance to use it in one of the forums where I participate. They had a thread on
photographs of couples and someone posted the one here.
I logged in and made a comment to say that it was the perfect illustration for "Mexican standoff". So there you go, I've put it to practice.

Till next time.

La Mexicana

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